Help Nepal / Ayuda a Nepal

Help Nepal / Ayuda a Nepal

Carta de Tenzin Osel Hita para ayudar a reconstruir Nepal después del terremoto que vivimos con él y con un grupo de grandes amigos…

¡¡Muchas gracias a todos!!


Hello everyone,
Hope life is treating you well, and that you are all constantly learning and improving as human beings.
Have been thinking a lot how to help the people in Nepal. From what we have heard, shelter is a priority for the earthquake survivors, at the moment more important than food and clothing.
So it is vital to find ways to help people rebuild their homes at this moment.
We can best do this by providing the means to construct inexpensive ecological houses that can withstand any earthquake in the future.
The task is to find an existing design, or develop an appropriate design and construction method that can use locally available materials to rebuild homes especially out in the villages that have suffered so much damage.
A viable design has to be well insulated to cope with low temperatures in winter, and ideally be ready for the cold season at the end of this year.
The design has to be acceptable to local people taking into account their views, customs and traditions, the environmental conditions at different altitudes, and be inexpensive, quick and easy to construct.
I would like to ask everyone to please pass around this message, help do research, and together come up with one or more appropriate blueprints for houses that we can start building ASAP before the arrival of winter.
Some suggestions have already been received and there are groups on the ground in Nepal and around the world thinking along similar lines.
By collaborating and sharing the best thinking and information available, I feel confident we can make a difference.
It’s time for us to help – please do what you can.
All ideas, designs, links to other groups and what they are doing to help will be much appreciated. If you are interested in sponsoring this project or have access to designs or designers for these type of houses or have anything else to offer, please contact me at:

Osel Hita

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